A whole day of workshops, KROSSWERDZ Service, Concert, and Discussion


Since we aren’t able to physically gather, we aren’t charging people to attend
UPROCK 2020, however we’d love for you to register to receive updates.
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Dee-1 entered the rap game on a mission: To inspire people everywhere to “Be Real, Be Righteous, and Be Relevant.” From his dreads to his outfits, to his raps, Dee-1 is a colorful personality full of raw energy and pure hype.


Dyzee is a 13-time world champion Bboy representing Canada and Supernaturalz Crew, a founder of 2 Bboy businesses, a husband and father, who wears his faith openly and honestly wherever he travels through the world.


Sundance is a wildly eclectic Producer, Engineer, and Multi-Instrumentalist who has released 4 albums and 3 singles with Illect Recordings, and several more with his groups, Boombox Titans and 2 Man Trio. His talent and world-views are unquestionably unique.

James Gardin [USA]

Lansing Michigan based rapper/producer James Gardin is the self proclaimed most encouraging rapper in the world.


Lead Pastor at Elements Church in The Bronx, NY.
The Elements Church is a committed group of people who believe in the vision of church as community using urban music, art and living to help people along their journey of hope, friendship and sanctuary in Christ. 

+ More to be announced


24 Tracks | 78 Artists | 10 Countries

Disc One:
1. Breaking Bread – Oakbridge x Randy Mason x Mastermind x DJ Aslan
2. Done With That – Sivion x Rel McCoy x Marksman Lloyd
3. Enter The Vision (Doppelganger Project) – Pythagoras The Praying Mantis x Mistery x JustMe x Resident x Lex
4. Monstrous – Izzy x Flashtheonly x MP Ancient x Mastermind
5. Turn Of The Tides – The Profit x Urban D x Samuel Roberts x Meek Starkiller x MC Still x Grungy Boguez
6. Skip The Formalities – Sev Statik x Sounds Like Dsipl x ILL Clinton x Kris-Bo x Damion B. Sanders x Mistery x Monks
7. The Lion’s Share – Pythagoras The Praying Mantis x Nfors x Jonnie 3:16 x Grungy Boguez
8. For Such A Time – CDH Live x Monks x D4C x DJ Lord Fader x ReFlex The Architect
9. 2 Much 4 The Brain – Jabs x River x Th3rdkind x Ryland Junior x Sundance
10. The Knowing (Remix) – Izzy n The Profit x Braille x Kris-Bo
11. Caught Up – Rel McCoy x Soul Original x Oakbridge x DJ Lord Fader
12. Directed – G Funktion

Disc Two:
1. Breath – Will Small x Rochelle Watt x Shelly H
2. We Won’t Run – Izzy n The Profit x Jon Corbin x Grungy Boguez
3. The Root Cause – Resident x Cas Metah x ILL Clinton x Reckoncyle x Sounds Like Dsipl
4. Raise (Give It Up) – Brother E x Monks x Laurian Boughaardt x TeOp x MP Ancient
5. Unbroken – Brad Sabat x Werd x D.Minor x Sundance x Kris-Bo x Mastermind
6. Vine – LXX x Daniel x Eluan x Franco.$
7. Under The Table – Hemelbesem x Mistery x Shelly H x ReFlex The Architect
8. The Good News – DavidWan x Enoch Vasquez x Young Faith x MP Ancient
9. Blessed Enough – Jabs x WU-ZILLA x BEQII x Oakbridge x Mastermind
10. Train Track – JustMe x Ten.Roc x Jonnie 3:16 x Mark Durksen x Mastermind
11. Majestic Birds (In Memory Of DJ Efechto) – Propaganda x DJ Efechto x DJ Aslan x MP Ancient
12. Werd On The Street (2.0) – The Profit x Izzy x Samuel Roberts x Nifik x Hadez x Percy Page x Unkle x LiCon x Jonnie 3:16 x Genesiz x Eskatology x Dublt x Young Faith x C-Side x Reboz x MC Still x Nfors x Justasifi’d x BEQII x Oakbridge


This year we’ll be selling a merch pack as an add-on to regos which includes:

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Australia’s Premier Christian Hip-Hop Concert


Toronto born, Canadian based rapper/producer Die-Rek made his debut with his 12”inch single “Questions” in 2005 with the B side “Come Alive”. Since then he has been producing a library of Mixtapes, EPs and albums; grabbing the attention of many along the way. In 2018 Die-Rek signed with Minnesota based label ILLECT Recordings and in 2019 released his latest album “The Dying Ones”.  As Die-Rek gets set to release his follow up album early 2021 you can be sure to expect wordplay and vivid display of artistic ability, fullness and vision Die-Rek brings to the culture. 


Randy Mason is a NYC emcee and art educator from the Bronx. As a father, husband, recording artist, author, educator and pastor, Ran draws from a deep well of unique & diverse experiences to tell stories through songs- engaging audiences of all kinds, in a way that is real, relevant, meaningful and memorable.

Jon Corben [CAN]
E.Man & Thirdkind [NZ]
CDH Live [CAN]
Mark Durksen [CAN]
Cas Metah [CAN]

+ More to be announced