The vision of KROSSWERDZ is to effectively and credibly communicate Christ, through hip hop culture.

We seek to do this by building and supporting a national and international network of Christians involved in hip hop culture and ministry whilst remaining active, maintaining friendships and sharing the Gospel within the wider hip hop Community.

Our History

The origins of KROSSWERDZ go back to the “InDaMidst” community which started in 1998 as a fellowship of Christians involved in hip hop and went on to become a national network that co-ordinated two national tours, released a compilation album (InDaMidst Vol. 1) and organised numerous events and gatherings.

By 2006, there was a call for these gatherings to be more regular and so some of the Sydney members of InDaMidst started what is now known as KROSSWERDZ. From May of that year we have had a regular monthly “hip hop church service” (except Dec) in Sydney.

In 2007 quarterly events began in the Central Coast region of New South Wales and in March 2011
Brisbane (South East Queensland) began having regular events as well.

KROSSWERDZ events have also happened in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & Wagga Wagga NSW on a semi-regular basis.

International Network

KROSSWERDZ has relationships in South East Asia. We have partnered with Go d’Artiz, Urban Groove, The Base Dance Studios and D’Artiz Studios in Malaysia for Project Hip Hope and there is a KROSSWERDZ team which has also now started holding events.  KROSSWERDZ Australia has sent a team over every year since 2012.  Korea had its first event in 2014 and we look forward to seeing what develops there.
New Zealand
Canada – Our Brother in Canada Young Do has started up City Lights, a community similar to KROSSWERDZ and runs Uprock Canada

Our Subsidiaries

As well as hosting the regular jams KROSSWERDZ has launched two Record labels (Krosswerdz Recordings & Change The Tape), formed a graffiti crew (Krosswerdz Artists), pioneered the concept “Hip Hop Praise” in its services (where the congregation raps instead of singing along), organised gigs for international artists such as KJ-52 and Braille, run numerous workshop programs in youth centres and detention facilities and started a monthly hip Hop Service in the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.  Members of the “krew” have shared their talents at countless churches, youth groups, fundraisers, music festivals, community events, schools, prisons, clubs, pubs, workshops, camps, conferences and even on street corners.In November 2011 KROSSWERDZ took it to the next level and held its first Annual Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit in Sydney which has seen people and artists both nationally and internationally coming together for 3 days of workshops, concerts, worship and fellowship.

Our Community

We are also a big believer in extending being part of the hip hop community beyond Christian circles and so have been involved in and helped organise “Platform Hip Hop Festival“, co-sponsored and helped host “Shadow Warz” Bboy competition, sponsored & hosted the R-16 Oceania BBoy event since 2012, started a weekly community bboying/bgirling & hip hop dance night (in partnership with Street University) and put on the Uprock Park Jam Bboy Competition since 2011.  KROSSWERDZ Emcee’s are also actively involved in the hip hop community through attending, performing at, organising and hosting gigs and cyphers.The Krosswerdz fam consists of peeps from various ethnic and denominational backgrounds, each being part of their own individual church congregations. We collaborate in unity as KROSSWERDZ having Christ and Hip Hop in common and support all different styles and genres within hip hop regardless of personal preferences. We also support other ministries and organisations doing Hip Hop ministry in Australia and around the world.  When it comes to beef or division within the Christian Hip Hop community, as the saying goes “we just don’t play that“.