UPROCK2020 – Save The Date

We are delighted to announce that, despite the challenges of 2020 with COVID-19 restrictions, UPROCK will be taking place in a slightly different format this year.

We would love for you to reserve Saturday 28th November [Sydney Time] to join us online (or in person at select locations) from 9am onwards.

For our family abroad, let us break it down for you:

  • New Zealand – 11:00am 28th November
  • South Australia – 8:30am 28th November
  • Queensland – 8:00am 28th November
  • Korea – 7:00am 28th November
  • Malaysia – 6:00am 28th November
  • China – 6:00am 28th November
  • Germany – 11:00pm 27th November
  • UK – 10:00pm 27th November
  • Canada – 5:00pm 27th November
  • US East Coast – 5:00pm 27th November
  • US Central – 4:00pm 27th November
  • US Mountain – 3:00pm 27th November
  • US West Coast – 2:00pm 27th November

This UPROCK is an opportunity for us to do things together, to see things &, appreciate what others do, not just what we normally do.  We hope that it brings a greater sense of togetherness to the Krosswerdz Community.

We’ll be revealing more details soon about registration, guests, merchandise and more.
Keep your eyes peeled to Krosswerdz.com & our socials to catch the latest updates.

#KROSSWERDZ #WhereFaithMeetsHipHopCulture #UPROCK2020

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