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COVID-19 continues to inspire us to mix up the way we gather for Krosswerdz.

Over the (almost 14) years of Krosswerdz, we’ve gathered as a community, in person, on a monthly basis (with the exception of December).

After COVID-19 restrictions were introduced in March, we decided to run with the normal Krosswerdz Jam – Tunes, Praise Tracks, Guest performer and a message, just with skeleton crew to help out.

Krosswerdz Live Stream Jam

Posted by Krosswerdz on Friday, March 27, 2020
Krosswerdz March Stream Jam featuring Sole Option

For our April Jam we decided that we’d do something a little less formal, and a little more interactive – The Krosswerdz Request Line. This was a night where we gathered together on ZOOM for a radioshow/listening party, taking Christian Hip-Hop requests from those on the call, listening to the tracks and hearing a little from those that had chosen. It was a great insight into some of the people around our community and beyond, coupled with a walk down memory lane for a fair few who’ve been around for any decent length of time.

We had the privilege of hearing from Warren AKA Rezadent share a little from Philippians 4:4-7. A passage that is particularly relevant and reassuring during this time.

Here’s a list of tracks from the night:

  • New Day by Cephas (Marz/Oaks)
  • Coast 2 Coast by Hoodstakidd (Sam)
  • Sphere of Hip Hop Part 1 by Mars ILL (Matt/Mistery)
  • Sphere of Hip Hop Part 2 by Mars ILL (Matt/Mistery)
  • My Story by Da’ T.R.U.T.H. (Shannon/Monks)
  • Cold World by Lecrae ft. Tasha Catour (Shane/LiCon)
  • Ex Nihilo by Andy Mineo ft. Christon Gray (Thomas/J Freak)
  • The Bad Bride by Shelly.H (EKL)
  • Comin’ To Get You Out by E.T.W. (Dave/Vokal Logic)
  • Good by Ozay Moore (Hiro)
  • All Over The World by Sup The Chemist ft. Don Donna (Warren/Resident)
  • Double Tap by Foreknown (Adam/Adz)
  • Freedom Time by Lauryn Hill (Tu Nhi – track choice Marz/Oaks)
  • Closer To You by Cross Movement (Karen/KAZ)
  • Resurrect Me by Braille (Evan/The Profit)
  • Constance by Mr. J. Medeiros (James/Vesl/Soul Original)
  • Restless by Jackie Hill Perry (everyone – track choice Marz/Oaks)
  • T.R.’z by Tunnel Rats (Jake/Izzy)
  • Don’t Cry by Ozay Moore prod. Stro Elliot (Marz/Oaks)
  • Rewind by Andy Mineo (Beckii Lee)
  • Shackles (Praise You) by Mary Mary (Bianca)
  • Too Many Tomorrows by Braille (John/Jabs)
  • Treetops by nobigdyl. (John/Teop)
  • Walk Alone by Sole Option (Marz/Oaks)
  • Don’t Walk Away by Eshon Burgundy (Jenny – track choice Marz/Oaks)

We’re still doing our Krosswerdz Coffee & Chats on Fridays (10am and/or 10pm [AEST]) and would love to see you on them, sign up via this link.

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