Request Line

COVID-19 continues to inspire us to mix up the way we gather for Krosswerdz.

Over the (almost 14) years of Krosswerdz, we’ve gathered as a community, in person, on a monthly basis (with the exception of December).

After COVID-19 restrictions were introduced in March, we decided to run with the normal Krosswerdz Jam – Tunes, Praise Tracks, Guest performer and a message, just with skeleton crew to help out.

Krosswerdz March Stream Jam featuring Sole Option

For our April Jam we decided that we’d do something a little less formal, and a little more interactive – The Krosswerdz Request Line. This was a night where we gathered together on ZOOM for a radioshow/listening party, taking Christian Hip-Hop requests from those on the call, listening to the tracks and hearing a little from those that had chosen. It was a great insight into some of the people around our community and beyond, coupled with a walk down memory lane for a fair few who’ve been around for any decent length of time.

We had the privilege of hearing from Warren AKA Rezadent share a little from Philippians 4:4-7. A passage that is particularly relevant and reassuring during this time.

Here’s a list of tracks from the night:

  • New Day by Cephas (Marz/Oaks)
  • Coast 2 Coast by Hoodstakidd (Sam)
  • Sphere of Hip Hop Part 1 by Mars ILL (Matt/Mistery)
  • Sphere of Hip Hop Part 2 by Mars ILL (Matt/Mistery)
  • My Story by Da’ T.R.U.T.H. (Shannon/Monks)
  • Cold World by Lecrae ft. Tasha Catour (Shane/LiCon)
  • Ex Nihilo by Andy Mineo ft. Christon Gray (Thomas/J Freak)
  • The Bad Bride by Shelly.H (EKL)
  • Comin’ To Get You Out by E.T.W. (Dave/Vokal Logic)
  • Good by Ozay Moore (Hiro)
  • All Over The World by Sup The Chemist ft. Don Donna (Warren/Resident)
  • Double Tap by Foreknown (Adam/Adz)
  • Freedom Time by Lauryn Hill (Tu Nhi – track choice Marz/Oaks)
  • Closer To You by Cross Movement (Karen/KAZ)
  • Resurrect Me by Braille (Evan/The Profit)
  • Constance by Mr. J. Medeiros (James/Vesl/Soul Original)
  • Restless by Jackie Hill Perry (everyone – track choice Marz/Oaks)
  • T.R.’z by Tunnel Rats (Jake/Izzy)
  • Don’t Cry by Ozay Moore prod. Stro Elliot (Marz/Oaks)
  • Rewind by Andy Mineo (Beckii Lee)
  • Shackles (Praise You) by Mary Mary (Bianca)
  • Too Many Tomorrows by Braille (John/Jabs)
  • Treetops by nobigdyl. (John/Teop)
  • Walk Alone by Sole Option (Marz/Oaks)
  • Don’t Walk Away by Eshon Burgundy (Jenny – track choice Marz/Oaks)

We’re still doing our Krosswerdz Coffee & Chats on Fridays (10am and/or 10pm [AEST]) and would love to see you on them, sign up via this link.

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