Design of A Decade

An image can reflect identity. It’s a representation of an individual or organisation.

An image can reflect identity.  It’s a representation of an individual or organisation. 

In the Ancient Near East a conquering King would leave a statue of themselves in the conquered nation to remind them of the authority he had over them.  One of the understandings of the phrase ‘Image of God’ in the Old Testament is that because it was written in the context of that time and region the phrase was used to connect with that same idea.  That is, that we are created as God’s representatives on this earth to reflect who He is.

These days we see images used that way in everyday things like social media profile pics.  We put up the pictures that reflect who we are, who we love, what we’re a part of or even what we care about.  And, of course, similarly, organisations have logos.  They’ll have a bunch of meetings about it and invest money into hiring professionals to find the best image to reflect what they’re about.

When Krosswerdz started our first logo was naturally a tag style logo one by Mistery, the prominent Graffiti Writer who kick started the ministry.  We were Hip-Hop and wanted to identify strongly as exactly that.  As Krosswerdz started interacting more outside of our own circles we received feedback that the logo was hard to read for some who weren’t familiar with Graffiti.

We were thinking of changing the logo anyway
so we found something that was easier to read
and iconic within Hip-Hop culture, the Run DMC style logo. 

That’s been with us for a while now
and probably the one people recognise most
when they think of Krosswerdz.

It’s a new decade now and this year Krosswerdz will have it’s 14th Anniversary.  So much has happened but we still feel like there’s plenty more to come.  As we step into what we believe to be the next level for us it made sense that we should update the logo to something that makes a bolder statement while maintaining some of the Graff feel.  Something a bit more sophisticated, clean and unique to us.  Especially since the Run DMC style logo has been used so much in recent years and the original logo itself is even making a comeback on clothing.
We also decided to have this alternate logo which mashed up the Run DMC logo with our new one.

So, it’s not something we take lightly, we launch this new logo to coincide with a new season of maturity for Krosswerdz as we grow more fully into the identity and purposes God has for us.

Props to Justin Fox for the design work.  Thanks also to the crew who gave their input on the decision of which one to go with.

Looking forward to seeing what’s ahead.

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